Saturday, 3 October 2009

Attacking al Rassooli while Ignoring Muhammad! Part 212 - Revised


Who are the followers of Muhammad really attacking with their comments on our chapters?


pvii9 said...

CHRISTIAN = stupid jewish ASS

pvii9 said...

read this

neoprophet said...


You do not seem to be highly familiar with the English language if you are unaware that the traditional meaning of prick is synonymous with poke or stab.

And you seem to be confusing the occasional mention of sex with porn.

Let's talk about the Koran's depraved description of paradise.

Joe said...

The Bible is honest about human behavior. It compares spiritual apostasy to PROSTITUTION. It does not lie about human behavior. It tells all the ugly truth. The Quran, every word of which came from a self-confessed liar's mouth with no other witnesses, constantly lies about people's behavior. It lies about the Muslims, telling them that they are "the best of people". What a lie. The Bible is God's truth about sinful man. The Quran is a lying man's "truth" about Muslim people who are actually spiritual PROSTITUTES. If Quran were from God, it would have called those Kaabah worshipers PROSTITUTES whoring themselves with false gods, practicing every kind of evil, including highway robbery, genocide, mass murder, slave trade, pillage and perjury.

Adjutant said...

Mein Kampf “profane liberty with these words, ‘If you don’t join with us, we will crack your skull!’”. Ishaq:471 “We were steadfast trusting in Him. We have a Prophet by whom we will conquer all men.”

Unknown said...

thank you I Q ...thank you for exposing the spiritual filth of allah and Muhammad. I appreciate your indignation of such a horrific cult because it has been responsible for untold misery in this last 1400 years. thank you again IQ and may the incarnate life of God the Father in His only begotten Son be revealed in you, now and forever.